Testimonial by: Cleidy Mar Contreras Salas, Summer 2011 Participant

“I am writing you because I want to thank you for giving me the great opportunity to work with the LifExchange program.  Now, I am good and in my country with my family.  They are so happy because of my experience and I’m so proud of myself. It was wonderful, I learned a lot of productive things such as the improving my English which is very important for my profession and future career. I was able to practice English working in McDonald’s and living with my host family Mr Jim and making a lot of new friends there. I learned to be independant and fight for my goals there.  It was an experience that I won’t forget ever and I would like to come back next summer.  I would love it. I have  two of my Venezuelan classmates who wanna work there through the LifExchange program too.  Thank you in advance!”

Testimonial by: Helen Sodel

Thing that can make your life so bright & delightful – Work & Travel.  Do you people know what is so vital in our life? As for my own part the answer is – changes and new experience. What can give us all these things?  Recently I discovered that the right answer is Work and Travel program.

I remember when I was 10 my school teacher was telling us about the the most exciting sights in the world. One of them was the Niagara Falls. At that moment I thought it was something  fantastic  that could happen only to the most fortunate and well-off  people. Ten years have passed… I got a job offer from W&T & very soon made my dream come true.

That was such a great feeling that made me so happy and showed me that we can achieve anything we wish. The only condition is desire.  Work and Travel made me more mature, confident, experienced & inspired.  It was something that can not be put into words, because there not enough words to describe how I feel after participating : terrific, amazing, fabulous, adorable, delightful and even more. W&T program gave me a great chance to visit a new country, the USA and the most important thing for me – dealing with so different but useful and bright people. I have never-ever met so many nice, lovely & kind people in one place….they were such wonderful teachers, tutors, doctors, advisors & friends. I do not know how they managed to do that, but I felt the warmth of my native home. I am pretty sure that it sounds either like a dream or a Russian song but this is the purest truth.

Many thanks and Long Live Work and Travel, you made me the happiest person ever.

Sincerely yours,  Forever Helen Sodel from Ukraine

Testimonial by: Gabriela Dinez

The Work and Travel program was definitely one of the greatest experiences I ever had. Not only did I get in touch with a completely different culture, but I could also learn new skills and afford my own stay abroad. Having that kind of independence makes it even more challenging and exciting. I absolutely loved it from before I even knew where I was going until today, since I know I learned a lot from it and it actually gives me more career opportunities. And because I was in New York City, there was always so much to do that I feel like I have to come back one day, and I hope I can do it soon!

I was also very lucky because I got the support from Shari Lamont, who in the beginning was someone I worked with but ended up being a great friend! She always made sure I had a good place to stay, showed me social events where I could meet people and gave me the best hints on NYC. I can say now that it wouldn’t be the same if I was all by myself. Any kind of exchange program has good times and bad times, so having the right support is essential.

Hugs, Gabi

Testimonial by: Karim Amadou

I go to school at KNUST in Ghana.  I joined summer exchange program because of the experience had by my friends on previous years.  I was impressed with the assistance I received on this program and cannot put into words the joy, education and the experience I derived while in the USA.  I will never forget everyone I met and will carry that with me in life.

Testimonial by: Rodrigo Cuel da Silva

Being part of the work and travel program was one of most exciting activities of my life. When I applied for the program, my goal was to feel and know how it be to work and live in another country. It is safe to say that the four months of my Work and Travel program were the most intense I had experienced.

Beyond working in a corporate office, with a team composed entirely of American citizens, and being able to watch closely how a big company runs daily, I got the chance to have the full experience of living and knowing a little better one of the greatest cities in the world. New York City.  Besides meeting people from all around the world and increase my network, I got the chance to practice unique events in my free time, such as snowboarding in a great ski resort, Okemo located in Ludlow, VT, making road trips with co-workers and spending New Year’s Eve in the crowded Times Square.

My expectations with the program were met in a whole different ways.  Living by myself in a country different of my own and having the responsibilities of attending to a job helped me to grow as a person. While in my position, I improved my teamwork and language skills.  This was all a direct result of the support given to me by the owner of LifExchange LLC, Shari Lamont.  She was an awesome resource who placed me into this job position, helped me with everything I needed and is one of my best American friends.

Rodrigo Cuel da Silva, Brazil

Want to contact a past participant and learn more about there experience?  Let us know who and we will provide you with the contact information of any of the students above.

Overseas Partner testimonial: 

Samuel Lloyd – Marketing Manager, STB Student travel Bureau

“Shari is the best Work Exchange program coordinador I’ve ever met. I have dealed with more then 10 different USA Sponsors while I was the Work and Travel Manager at STB Brazil. Shari was fabulous with us and our clients bringing good employers to recruit in Brazil. When the students arrived in the US she has provided a complete orientation and the best assistance for them. All my clients love Shari and this is the best indicator for the good professional she really is. I absolutelly recommend Shari as an ethical and responsible professional.” October 30, 2010

Claudio Chalom – BEX

“I’ve been sending Work & Travel participants to Kaplan since 2000. I sent my first group to NY on 2004 and Shari was able to give personal attention to every participant helping them to find their jobs and housing in NY. All my participants simply loved Shari’s support for their Work & Travel Experience in the USA!” January 31, 2010

Employer testimonial:

Shari Lewis – Okemo Mountain Resort

Hello Shari Lamont Day,

This is Shari Lewis from Okemo Mountain Resort, Ludlow, VT. Just a quick hello. I had the pleasure of Fernando Sobrinho

Shari Lewis and Gilce (From Brazil) 2012

work for me about 2 years ago……he left Vermont early. Fernando has kept in touch with me the last 2 years and kept telling me he was coming to Vermont. Well he did just that! He graduated from college in Brazil and came here short after. He stayed here with my family for 4 months this past winter. We had a blast! Just wanted to tell you that these programs for these kids is so great. It makes me want to be young! Thank you so much for all you do for these young kids.
Hope all is well

Shari Lewis

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