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LifExchange is an organization whose mission is to create a stronger global community through youth work exchange programs.

Have you traveled abroad?  Have you been on vacation, studied or worked in a foreign country?  Have you wanted to?  LifExchange was founded on the idea that each time we have an opportunity to travel abroad or host a foreigner visiting our home country, we have a chance to impact another and share in their travel and life experiences.  Through these international experiences we all have an opportunity to create a world without borders.

For our first blog we want to say welcome!  Welcome to those preparing to arrive in the U.S. on the LifExchange J1 Work and Travel program and Welcome to our team of partners and regional managers as we all work together towards an amazing season.

Stay tuned for updates, news and changes to the J1 program happening in 2011, orientation and arrival information, and helpful hints on your upcoming travel.