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I am my business

Hello from LifExchange.  I am Shari – owner, operator, marketer and inspired entrepreneur.  I was recently told that my blogs, newsletters, etc were not personal enough.  I am my business.  I love to travel and it has changed my life!  I woke up one day in a job that did not move me and my wonderful husband said enough, it is time to open your own company.  After a bit of laughing and shaking my head I realized he was serious.

In Ghana
In Thailand

I have traveled to Peru, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Ireland, England, Germany, Turkey, Ghana, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Thailand, South Korea, China, Spain, Morocco, Israel and a few other places in my life’s journey.  He was right, why not help others find their dreams, passion and inner self the way I did.  So LifExchange was born and 1 year later here I am.

In our first year we had 115 students from 8 countries come to the US to Work and Travel.  We have signed-up our first American to go overseas with a company who has hosted over 5,000 Americans and the possibilities for what is next is endless.  But I guess the real question is why.  Why do I believe everyone and I mean everyone needs to travel abroad?

I think there is a sense of both self and community at a global level that is only found with international travel.  For me that “self and community” opened a world of love, laughter, and fun along with a deeper understanding of peace, humanity and the importance of the common good of others.

My plan is to write a series of short blogs sharing how I came to feel this way and some of the experiences that taught me these life lessons.  However I do not want to end my first personal post here so let me share one trick of international long flight travel that has worked for me.

My philosophy on flying.  Any flight no matter how far is just a matter of scheduling like any day in your life and it can fly by.  Example – a 14-hour flight to China may be ¼ a book, 8 hours sleep, a 2 hour movie and then another ¼ a book – presto – I am in my destination.  A 9 hour flight to Brazil – one hour reading, 2 two hour movies, a 1 hours nap, 1 hour for food, bathroom and drink breaks, and 2 more hours of reading.  So simple, the day fly’s by and I am at my destination (no pun intended).  You need to be sure if the flight you have booked does not have personal movies on demand that you buy a cd player and some movies to bring with you.  This is key.  I plan all flights like a day I would schedule for business.  Like life my schedules are flexible and open to change but as a planner this helps me pass the time quickly.  Oh, I almost forgot the one exception.  And this is BIG.  Speak to your neighbor!!!!  It is not planned but you may end up next to the most interesting person, a local to give you advice, a new friend to explore with or a random contact that you find yourself calling for a job 5 years later or the most fascinating conversation you could imagine.  Then again if you have the other kind, you know who I mean, you will be glad you have that movie on hand.  Here is the deal, you never know who is just next door.   Take the time to start your international experience on the flight.  Because this is where your travels begin.

Till next time,

Jim and I in Israel


Be on the look out for updates and news for the week of 5/2:

 1.  Are you looking for a new adventure?  Want to travel and visit a different part of the  world while earning some money?  Ever want to know what it is like to live in another country?  Visit our Work and Holiday Australia page for more information.

2.  We are proud to announce that the CEO and Co-Founder of LifExchange is the featured member of the week on Ladies Who Launch – NYC .  Shari Lamont works to make a difference in the world and change the conversation on humanity through work exchange programs.  Contact  LifExchange to see how you can contribute or participate on these programs. 

3.  The Spring 2011 Work and Travel USA essay winner will be announced at the end of the week.  Be sure to check back to read the winning story.

4.  LifExchange is excited to welcome our students for the Summer 2011 Work and Travel program from China, Serbia, Ukraine and Tajikistan joining us this May to the U.S.

News and Updates

LifExchange has had an exciting week and here are some of our highlights:

Introducing our Work and Holiday 12 month visa program for Australians.

Are you an Australian Citizen who is looking to participate on the Work and Holiday program in the US?  If you qualify we have a variety of open positions starting mid May for you.  Email us at Travel@Lifexchangellc.com to learn more now.

Employer Spotlight – We have positions open as a server/runner in a high-end country club outside NYC.  This employer provides housing, partial meal plan and great pay!

Spring Orientation

The first spring orientation took place on Friday morning.  LifExchange welcomed participants as they traveled on their way through NY to Maryland where they will meet their Local Coordinator, Host Family and Exchange Host Employer.  Here are some pictures we took at orientation, purchasing bus tickets and saying goodbye as they boarded the bus.

Welcome to our Thai Students!

It began on Thursday October 7th, 2010. I arrived at the office, opened my email and received my first of many inquiries for our spring program. Every March a group of students from Thailand join the ranks of work and travel participants while on break from their university. Many students will start in Bangkok, travel on 2 -3 flights and for up to 24 hours for the opportunity to work and live along side Americans. During the interview process students shared with me their dream of visiting a new culture, practicing their English and making new friends. This journey, though tiring will be the end of a 3-4 month process of paperwork and interviews, time filled with excitement and dedication.

In October it was still just an email, next week the dream will start. It will not be easy but the experience will change each person differently and add to those whom they meet.

If you are a LifExchange LLC Spring 2011 Work and Travel student, be sure to check out our “Current Student Information” page to learn about upcoming orientation, travel insurance and SEVIS registration. We look forward to welcoming you to the US!