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Welcome to our Thai Students!

It began on Thursday October 7th, 2010. I arrived at the office, opened my email and received my first of many inquiries for our spring program. Every March a group of students from Thailand join the ranks of work and travel participants while on break from their university. Many students will start in Bangkok, travel on 2 -3 flights and for up to 24 hours for the opportunity to work and live along side Americans. During the interview process students shared with me their dream of visiting a new culture, practicing their English and making new friends. This journey, though tiring will be the end of a 3-4 month process of paperwork and interviews, time filled with excitement and dedication.

In October it was still just an email, next week the dream will start. It will not be easy but the experience will change each person differently and add to those whom they meet.

If you are a LifExchange LLC Spring 2011 Work and Travel student, be sure to check out our “Current Student Information” page to learn about upcoming orientation, travel insurance and SEVIS registration. We look forward to welcoming you to the US!