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Jobs for Aussie’s

How much of the world can you fit in a suitcase?

Qualifying Austrian students and recent graduates are eligible to take part in a Work and Holiday Program to the US.  Let LifExchange help create your travel experience.  Whether you are looking for the whole package (visa sponsorship with one of our partners, Insurance, job placement and support) or just a Job Placement we have a package for you.

Current Available Jobs:

Borges Carriage and Sleigh Ride Employer Flyer (Australia)

Dunkin Donuts – Outer Banks Employer Flyer (Australia)

Hilton Garden Inn OBX Employer Flyer (Australia 2012)

We also have management trainee jobs available through our partner UWT at SIX FLAGS. Contact us to learn more.


  • Choose the departure date that suits you (Work & Travel 12 months)
  • You’ll earn US$ which you can use to travel around the country at the end of your program
  • You can explore life in the United States with maximum freedom and at minimum cost
  • You will get first hand experience of working in the world’s leading economy
  • You will gain important insights into American business culture that will enhance your future career prospects
  • You will challenge yourself and gain independence and maturity
  • You will enhance your resume and give yourself a competitive edge in the jobs marketplace
  • You’ll make friends from all over the world
  • You’ll have heaps of fun!


  • Be a full-time student enrolled at a university or a technical education provider, such as TAFE in Australia ;
  • Have completed your first full year of studies, or
  • Have graduated from such an Institution within the past 12 months
  • Agree to abide by the program rules
  • Have a minimum of $2000 (US dollars) available in order to support yourself upon arrival in the US
  • Be an Australian

For more information you can contact us at:
Skype: shari.lamont
Visit our contact page to leave a message

Thank you to all our employer partners who participate in this program.  Exchange programs allow young people from around the world to explore new cultures and become part of the ever growing global society.

Are you an American?  Visit our sister site to learn how you can work abroad in Australia!

J1 Taxes Explained


J-1 participants receive compensation from their host organization (employer). They will have to apply for a social security number and pay income tax.

The question frequently asked is, “But exactly which taxes do J-1 participants have to pay?”

J-1 visa holders are considered non-resident aliens and are required to pay federal, state and local income taxes. However, they are generally exempt from paying FUTA and FICA taxes. The logic is that they cannot be “unemployed” (if their program were terminated, their visas would be canceled and they would need to return to their home country immediately). Likewise, they are not able to enjoy social security benefits and are not required to pay into the system. Details on FUTA exemption can be found in 2010 IRS Publication 15, page 36 (section “students, scholars, trainees, teachers”). Details on FICA exemption can be found in IRS Publication 519 (Chapter 1 “Exempt Individual” and chapter 8 “Paying Tax through Withholding or Estimated Tax”, section “Social Security and Medicare Taxes”; “Students and Exchange Visitors”).

How does this effect you as the employer:  As the J-1 visa holder is exempt from paying FUTA and FICA taxes, the employer does not have to pay the matching contribution.

Looking to hire a J1 student to assist you with your seasonal staffing needs?  Visit our employer hiring page for more information by clicking here.

Have a question?  you can always reach the main office at 718-606-1892.