About Us

Who We Are – LifExchange LLC is a leader in international exchanges and recruitment.

We are committed to creating a world without borders. We are keenly aware of the benefits that come from living for an extended period in another country. From personal growth, learning abroad and enrichment to professional opportunities, an international perspective is key to understanding the world more than ever.


The mission of LifExchange is to create, inspire, and empower an enriched and globally conscious community through international development and cultural learning. We achieve this mission by offering exchange programs, study abroad opportunities, work and travel programs, and other educational experiences that connect and introduce people to new cultures and ways of looking at the world.

Shari Lamont Day – Shari Lamont Day is the CEO and Co-Founder of LifExchange. Shari is dedicated to being a provider of choice for study abroad programs as well as both in-bound and outbound work programs and volunteer vacations. Through strong partnerships around the world, LifExchange truly spans the globe. Shari began her career in international education as a camp director for ELS youth camp, then School Director of Aspect Education, an ESL school in New York City and later helped Kaplan Inc. as their East Coast Director of operations for the J1 Work and Travel program. Through her experience, Shari has had the opportunity to travel across the world and is passionate about improving the dialogue among youth through international exchanges.

Creating a Global Society through Travel and Understanding

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