Cybor Monday Travel Deals Newsletter

November 28, 2011

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. I am writing you today as a member of our newsletter mailing list. I know you are looking for affordable ways to travel. So am I!

I started LifExchange as a way to offer others an opportunity to explore the world, a passion of mine I love to share. Today I am not going to tell you about any LifExchange products. I am going to share with you some of the websites I go to when I want a deal and with Cybor Monday Sales who knows what you may find.
Have fun exploring!
Cybor Monday Travel Deals…
Visit the following websites all having Cybor Monday Sales on Travel.
JettsetterNEW Flash Sale Every Hour at Prices 40%-50% Off from 9 a.m. EST to 9 p.m. EST on Cyber Monday, Nov. 28. Each vacation will be available for only 24-hours, or while availability lasts. Deals will range from a hot Las Vegas hotel and an eco-friendly resort in Costa Rica, to added-value offerings such as a free upgrade to a penthouse or a complimentary private villa chef paired with Jetsetter Homes. Additionally, each hour, Jetsetter will surprise and delight one lucky member making a Cyber Monday purchase. Jetsetter might pay for someone’s trip, foot the bill for airfare, or provide a free consultation with one of Jetsetter’s Personal Travel Planners.

Living Social – This sites has traditional local deals but they also do a great job on creating adventures by putting deals together including some fun day trips.

Travel Zoo – This classic is an oldie but a goodie. Sign up and receive daily or weekly updates on sales happening for local events, hotels, airfare and getaway packages. You never know when you will find a gem of a deal.
Kayak.comBook Holiday Travel Now. This isn’t exactly a Cyber Monday sale, but travel site says that the first week of December is the BEST week of the year to book your Christmas travel (through December 10). For those who booked holiday travel last September (all the organized people), they will pay 27 percent more than those who book travel this week. And if you wait until after December 10 (I think we’ve all seen this movie), the prices skyrocket 40 percent and you will pay sorely for waiting.
Be on the lookout for all new travel opportunities being launched by LifExchange in 2012.
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