URGENT: Evacuation for Ocean City International Exchange Students

Dear Students living in Ocean City,

At this time, the Town of Ocean City Emergency Services Officials have ordered that all summer work/travel participants must be evacuated from Ocean City today, Thursday, August 25, due to expected arrival of Hurricane Irene to our coast.  You MUST go to the convention center and depart Ocean City NOW.

This is a mandatory evacuation for all J-1 students.

At this time, all students must follow the instructions below:

·      Students must go to the Convention Center (located on 41st Street & Coastal Highway) starting at 10:00am EST today.

·      From the Convention Center students will be taken by bus to Perdue Stadium in Salisbury. There students will board a second bus that will take them to a Red Cross shelter outside of the Eastern Shore, in Baltimore, MD, where students will be safe from the hurricane.

·      Students must bring ALL of their important documents and travel papers, including their passport and DS-2019.

·      Students will be allowed to carry one backpack OR one small carry-on that can fit in their lap on the bus.  In that bag, students need to bring valuables, medicine, some toiletries and some clothes. (This bag will remain with the student at all times).

·      STUDENTS CAN NOT BRING ALL OF THEIR SUITCASES WITH THEM. There is no way to transport them with students (and they can not be left behind at the Convention Center).  They will be safest left in students’ apartment or if their employer has a place they can store them.  Students should leave their suitcases labeled with their address in their home country in case they need to be shipped to them.

·      Students will be given blankets, a cot to sleep on, food, drink, and all things necessary including medical care while they are at the shelter in Baltimore.

·      There will be computers for students to use at the shelter in Baltimore, so that they can keep in touch with their family and your program sponsor.

·      After the hurricane passes, and it is safe to return to Ocean City, students will be transported back by buses.

The storm is expected to hit Ocean City on Saturday, August 27th and continue throughout Sunday, August 28th.

Students, please be sure to contact your family before leaving Ocean City, so that they are aware of your plans to evacuate.  PLEASE keep in touch with your families, the YMCA and LifExchange.

Remember, students’ safety is important to everyone. Please go to the Convention Center immediately.

LifExchange:  (203) 984-2574
YMCA :  (212) 727-8800
Ocean City Emergency Number – 410-723-6602

Thank you for your cooperation.  Be safe and be in touch!


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