Plan your Work and Holiday Adventure to Australia in a few simple steps.

Why sign up for a Work and Holiday Program?

Earn money while traveling, build your resume and have new adventures.

Step 1:  Book your Work and Holiday program – Doing it all yourself can cost a lot of money and time.  Use a company that offers a lot of assistance and inclusions to make your time smooth and planning easy.  For information check out the LifExchange, Global Work and Travel Work and Holiday package that includes everything you will need to land a job, have housing assistance and to be prepared as you make your journey.
Step 2:  Apply for your Work and Holiday Visa as early as 60 day before you plan to travel.  You can apply for your Work and Holiday visa online directly with the Australian Government.  The process can take as little as two weeks as long as you meet all the eligibility requirements and have an up to date valid US passport.  To apply online visit:
Step 3:  Organize your flight – Booking your flight is best to do after you have spoken to your Work and Holiday Program operator.  They can tell you when the start dates are for your preferred employment and suggest the best arrival time.  They may also know what airlines offer special deals or fly most often from your departure region.
Step 4: Travel Insurance – Travellers heading overseas are strongly advised to purchase travel insurance. Medical costs can be very expensive when travelling internationally, and many companies will not let you depart on a tour if you do not have sufficient insurance coverage. To ensure your peace of mind and protection in the event of an emergency, we strongly recommend getting insurance.   Travel insurance can cover things such as health, medical, travel (incl. lost luggage and documents), special events, and emergency evacuation.  Click here to request more information.
Step 5:  Learn more about Australia before you head out.  Check out these recommended guides!
Step 6:  Read about other peoples experience participating on Work Abroad programs around the world.  Visit LifExchange testimonial page or read this great article from Matador Network written by a work abroad Australia traveler.
Step 7:  Have an adventure of a lifetime!  Make sure you take advantage of the opportunities to visit local sites, meet new people and most of all HAVE FUN!

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